Chris Hildreth



Chris' passion started at a young age in New Zealand. He found that the Kodak Instamatic, with the commemorative 1976 Olympics sticker, that he with his paper route money allowed him to venture into places he would otherwise not be permitted.

Fast forward, we find Chris cutting his photographic teeth in higher education as manager of photography at his alma mater, the University of South Carolina. He then pointed his compass north to Cornell University, where he was honored as the CASE Photographer of the Year and learned to appreciate sunshine and springtime!

1994 - Goodbye Cayuga Lake, hello Durham.

Together, Chris Hildreth and Duke University have reached the summit of Kilimanjaro, descended into a 600-foot pit recovering primate fossils in Madagascar and scaffolded practically every nook and cranny of the Duke Chapel. Chris feels truly blessed to wake up each day to help his team and colleagues reach for new heights.

When not on top of a fifty-foot scissor lift to take a photo of the incoming Duke freshmen class, he enjoys (in no specific order): flying airplanes as a private pilot, dog (son) Quincey, running, did we mention flying airplanes? and always; the company of family and friends.